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This virtual reality player system offers many unique and exciting features in one powerful package. In solo performances or accompanied by a full symphony orchestra, PianoDisc's 228CFX brings your piano to life!

Flexibility is a key element of the 228CFX. With it your piano can play via 3.5" floppy disks, specially-formatted PianoCDs or even access MX (Music Expansion) or MX Platinum, PianoDisc's optional flash memory storage systems. The 228CFX has an all-in-one control unit that uses state-of-the-art technology to provide unparalleled piano performances.

SilentDrive is an important, built-in feature of all PianoDisc systems. SilentDrive ensures that PianoDisc systems play with life-like expression, and sound remarkable even at the whisper-soft volume levels. It allows precise control of the piano's keys and pedals for greater fidelity, expression and low-volume control. SilentDrive consists of four boards: one CPU (central processing unit) and three custom ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) chip-driven boards. The boards communicate using a type of serial information link that runs faster than MIDI. This electronic link allows for the almost instantaneous changes to the solenoid's speed when a new command is given. With SilentDrive, the PianoDisc system plays at much quieter levels, with whisper quiet movement of the solenoids and incredible dynamic expression.

SilentDrive Plus is the latest enhancement to this technology. It is available as an update. Contact your local PianoDisc dealer or PianoDisc directly to obtain this easy to install update... and a free bonus disc!

Options for the 228CFX

Music Expansion (MX) Platinum uses flash technology to store your music (solo and live orchestrated performances) safely and conveniently in your 228CFX system. MX Platinum comes pre-loaded with over 35 HOURS OF FREE MUSIC: 25 hours of solo piano and 10 hours that are fully-orchestrated. MX Platinum offers favorite selections for every mood and occasion conveniently stored in 18 MUSICAL CATEGORIES. With MX Platinum's playback customization you'll have complete control of organizing your music into as many as 18 Musical categories and 24 different libraries. You'll be able to select songs for every occasion and pre-program them to play your piano for hours on end with no disks or CDs to change. Different formats can be mixed, matched and added to MX Platinum including PianoDisc software, Standard MIDI (type 0) and others. You can even record to MX Platinum via PianoDisc's TFT Record option. (Note: SymphonyPro option required to hear orchestrated music.)

Music Expansion( MX) Pre-loaded with 25 hours of free music (solo piano performances), MX uses flash technology to store your music safely and conveniently in your PianoDisc system. With MX, you can organize your music into 10 musical categories and 12 different libraries for the most convenient playback possible. You can save your music from a variety of sources including PianoDisc software, Standard MIDI files (type O) and others. With MX, you can create a special play list for every occasion, and by pre-programming the songs of your choice, your piano will play for hours on end, with no disks or CDs to change.

SymphonyPro When you add the SymphonyPro built-in sound module to your PianoDisc system you'll bring a whole orchestra of instrumental sounds to your piano. You'll enjoy realistic performances of woodwinds, strings, brass, drums and a host of other instruments accompanying your piano. With 128-sound GM instrumentation, SymphonyPro brings a whole new dimension to your piano performances.

TFT MIDI Record This option lets you record your piano performances via PianoDisc's patented TFT (Touch Film Technology), an exclusive system that faithfully captures every nuance of an original performance. The system consists of a sensor strip which is installed, very unobtrusively, beneath the key bed of your piano. When the pianist strikes a key, this sensor strip captures every element of his touch, including force, speed and duration. With 127 levels of individual expression, each note that's played is faithfully recorded. With TFT Record you can archive piano performances, including your children's first recitals, use it with educational software, compose with it and, by using available software and your computer, even print out the sheet music of your composition.

PianoMute This option allows you to play your piano without making a sound. By pulling a lever, a mute rail is activated which comes between the piano's hammers and its strings. When used in conjunction with the QuietTime GT option (see under Products), you can then hear your piano playing digitally, through headphones, or aloud over stereo speakers.

AudioForte A spectacular listening experience is yours with AudioForte, a remarkable sound system designed for use with a PianoDisc-equipped piano. This remarkable system actually turns the soundboard of a piano into the perfect speaker, capable of reproducing sound with astounding clarity and accuracy. (Product coming Fall of 2005.)

Powered Speakers These high performance audio speakers bring the sound of orchestrated accompaniment to life. Each amplified speaker (usually bought as a pair) is carefully mounted under your piano, to provide a perfectly balanced musical accompaniment to your piano's live performance. The resulting sound is thrilling: as your piano plays live, you can hear a jazz trio, a vocalist or even a symphony orchestra playing along with it.

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