Pianos Cost Less At The Great American Piano Company


– Martin and Maria DeBenedetto

Shopping for a pre-owned baby grand piano didn’t start out so easy. With so much to consider – manufacturer, model, tone, action, age and size – finding the right one became confusing. The confusion didn’t end after looking at several for sale by private owners and visits to a few dealers whose sales tactics and pressure just didn’t sit well with us.

Then we found The Great American Piano Company. Our piano buying experience was very pleasant from the minute Dena welcomed us into the showroom right through the smooth delivery and follow- up tuning. Dena is extremely knowledgeable, patient, not pushy and very accommodating. After educating us and really getting to know what we were looking for, she matched us with the perfect pre-owned piano the company had at another location – the perfect one for us with phenomenal sound, in excellent condition and priced right! The Great American Piano Company’s reputation is unsurpassed.

Our Kawai 5’ 1” baby grand is a beautiful musical addition to our home and we know we will enjoy it for many years to come!

– Cristian and Roxana

My wife and I thought we could never afford an acoustic baby grand. One day we drove by The Great American Piano Company on Route 46 and saw how wrong we were after all. They had this beautiful brand new ebony polish baby grand for an incredible price. At first we were skeptical since unscrupulous salesmen in another store had burned us almost a year before. Mark and Guy, the owners of The Great American Piano Company educated us on the enormous amounts of scams out there, where those who know and have the responsibility to tell their customers about what they are selling, simply don’t, and you end up getting a low class piano for a high price.

They gave us an even better deal on the new baby grand by letting us trade in our piano as part of the payment.

After paying for the baby grand, we found out that it simply would not fit through our stairs. This is when Guy and Mark showed us the stuff they are made of. They did not give up on us at any time until the piano was in our living room. They got the manpower and equipment at an incredible price (again), to make sure our dream did not just go up in the air. We are positive no other piano company would do what they did.

They didn’t hesitate to drop their suits and put on working gloves to supervise the move. No detail escaped them, from the safety of the workers to the wellbeing of the apartment.

Mark and Guy, we truly don’t have the words to thank you for your honesty, professionalism and hard work. We not only know we have a certified, excellent piano but also know you will back us up all the way to the end.

We would recommend The Great American Piano Company to anyone not only interested in paying an excellent price for an even better piano, but also looking for honest, outstanding service.

– G. Schoener

The Nordiska Brand came highly recommended for the price in Larry Fine’s The Piano Book buyers guide 2006-2007 Ed. Great features for the money. My dealer, The Great American Piano Company (Parsippany, NJ) was great throughout the purchase process. No haggling and fair pricing. Delivery when promised, despite having to make a 3 month special order from the factory. Fantastic delivery company that earned every penny for this delivery. Very satisfied customer here. Would recommend my dealer and this brand to anyone.

– The Schneidereits

Buying a piano is very much like navigating a minefield. What manufacturer, what price to pay, what style, etc. Those are the thoughts that swirled around in our minds as we began the task of searching for our piano. Piano shopping is strikingly similar to purchasing an automobile. Trust. Do you trust the person you’re speaking with, do you trust the information, and more importantly, do you trust the price you’re being told. Having visited several retailers, trust was becoming an elusive target and the process became increasingly arduous.

From the moment we stepped into The Great American Piano Company store in Parsippany, New Jersey, we knew our search was over. To our great relief, we had found a business more interested in explaining the Baby Grand Piano market versus just getting us to purchase one. Immediately, even before discussing make, model, etc., we were given an accurate picture of where the pianos are made, how they are made and how the piano market is adapting to global economics. With a sense of “insider” knowledge, we felt comfortable that we understood the value of what we were about to purchase.

As I write about my experiences, I can hear the 5’8″ Grand Piano from Hobart M. Cable (in glossy ebony finish) being played. To say that it’s now a show piece in our home would be an incredible understatement. Initially, we had decided to purchase a 5’4″ Grand Piano. A few days later, the staff at The Great American Piano Company informed us that the piano wouldn’t arrive for at least 90 days. Sensing we wanted a piano sooner than later, our partners at The Great American Piano Company found a 5’8″ piano already in the United States that could be available in about 2 weeks. To our astonishment, the cost difference between the two was negligible.

Throughout the process, we were kept well informed about when we would receive the piano. We were told that, on a specific Tuesday, the piano would arrive at the store. Sure enough, we received a call on that Tuesday stating that our piano had arrived and was being prepared. Immediately, they asked when we would like it delivered, and to our pleasure, it was delivered 3 days later. The big day had arrived. We were first called by the movers to inform us that they were on their way. The movers clearly demonstrated their expertise in moving fine pieces, as they took great care in moving not only the instrument, but also showed great care for our home – something you rarely find from movers moving a piece that weighs several hundred pounds. Not 15 minutes after the movers had left our home; we received a call from The Great American Piano Company asking us how the installation went, if the piano was in flawless condition and if there was anything else they could do for us. Impressive! That’s the only word that we can use to describe the process and The Great American Piano Company.

As you can clearly see, we had the pleasure of dealing with a quality company. I have forgotten to mention one important aspect of the process, price. We paid approximately 3 to 4 thousand dollars lesser than what was quoted to us at other piano stores for the same piano.

Like we said initially, it’s like buying an automobile, it all starts with Trust.

– Anton and Lydia Cristopoulous

We spent 18 months trying to find a player baby grand piano at an affordable price. We went to all the sales and found out they were all scams. One dealer was advertising that he was selling bank owned pianos at ridiculously large savings. We found out that his advertising was very misleading. He actually owed the bank a huge amount of money for the pianos he was selling. We almost gave up on the idea of owning a piano until we responded to an advertisement by The Great American Piano Company that was in our local paper. To our amazement, they were advertising a new player grand for a price that met our budget. At first we were a bit skeptical but we decided to check it out. As soon as we entered the front door of their showroom, we were greeted by one of the owners. He actually thanked us for taking the time to visit his store. He then explained why his prices were lower than the other dealers in the area. It all had to do with keeping his overheads low. When he led us to the advertised special, all of our doubts ended. It was a beautiful ebony polished baby grand. He explained all the details of the piano and then he went into the details of the player. By the time he was finished, we knew that we had found the right piano at the right price. We also knew that we were fortunate to have found the Great American Piano Company advertisement. We were told that delivery would take about 3 weeks. 3 weeks later we had our piano delivered. The movers were as professional as any movers we had ever encountered. They did a great job. I will recommend this company to all my friends. They were Great!

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